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Nerd2Geek opens the door for online world

Web Application Development

From the start of web, it has been a tradition for programmers to share knowledge. For that reason, we are going to teach web development from scratch. It will help you to earn a handsome amount money

Mobile Application Development

Would you like to develop your own mobile software? We are here to teach you, how to make Android/IOS application for your own mobile & sell them on Play Store or earn by ads.Grab the opportunity and be a Geek.

Precautionary Steps for not being hacked

After this course the Geeks (once Nerds) will be able to protect themselves from hackers around the world. 95% of the people are being hacked and they don't even know about it. Be a networking expert, get your certifications and be part of the Networking squad in the world.


Astute Softwares

Mobile/Web Application

Astute Softwares

Windows Application


Mobile Application

Astute Softwares

Mobile Application


Mobile Application

Astute Softwares

Web Application


Following the procedure to make the Nerds become Geeks

  • For the Beginners

    Starting from teaching you what networking is and how computer are connected together to making your computer most safe, is our target. You'll learn to use latest tools & technologies implemented for different protocols to save your network of computers from attacks.

  • Structure Programming

    In this phase we will teach you that how to do structure programming. In this you will learn how to do a smart work with the help of which you will be able to make software in small time. It will also help you to handle complex softwares.

  • Professional Softwares

    after teaching you all fundamentals of programming, we will teach you how to program in professional tools. For example we will teach you how to make mobile, web & windows application.

  • Start of Professional Career

    We'll make you earn by making softwares (Developed by you). Once Geek, you'll know what online world is, what are it's requirements and how it works. You'll get to know about making multiple jobs at a time from your bedroom, instead of working in a office place.

  • Be

Our Amazing Team

Naeem Ahmad

Ethical Hacker/Senior Developer

Aqeel Ahmad

IOS Developer

Sulman Rasheed

Web Developer

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